Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm thankful for...

Although it's not Thanksgiving here in Canada, I thought this would be a good time for me to give thanks anyway... So... thank you to my readers, who buy and read my books - I love sharing my stories with you and I am always honored that you read them. Thanks to my publishers and editors and cover artists who get my books out there and make them the best they can be. Thanks to Rockstar PR for spreading the word about my books. Thanks to my agent Emily Sylvan Kim for loving my books enough to take me on.Thanks to my family who put up with me through all this. And special thanks to some people I've met in my writing life whose support has meant SO much to me: Denise Milano Sprung; Slick Reads; Toni Thompson; PG Forte; Lex Martin; and Carly Phillips.

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