Saturday, April 27, 2013

RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City


Kansas City here I come!

I'll be at the RT Booklovers Convention from April 30 - May 4. If you're there, I would love to meet you! Here's where I'll be (other than wandering around lost and aimless):



How do you define erotic romance? Is it all about the story, or all about the heat and kink? Is it just smut with an HFN? Should it be a subgenre at all? However you define erotic romance, even if it’s just “I know it when I see it,” join authors, reviewers and industry professionals in what's sure to be a lively, thought-provoking discussion of this hot topic.

1:15pm - 2:15pm
 Mezzanine Level
Room:  Van Horn B


Come sing along to your favorite hits, with hunky cover models! Join the Smutketeers and the Nine Naughty Novelists, who will be your doo-wop back-up singers, for a fun-filled hour of musical mayhem. There will be gift bags, prizes — and we mentioned the hunky cover models, right?!

 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Location: Ballroom Level
Room: New York A



Come meet more than 300 authors whose books are available as e-books, self-published and independent press books. All e-books at this event will be available through All Romance E-Books (ARe).
This event is also open to the public. Tickets are $5.00 and you can purchase a ticket at the door the day of the event.

4:00pm - 6:00pm Location: Mezzanine Level
Room: Exhibit Hall A


Lions and tigers and shapeshifters... oh my! Enjoy jungle beats, tasty treats and gaming feats with the staff and authors at Samhain Publishing. This year we celebrate all things shapeshifter with food and drink, games, music and prizes including e-readers, Samhain store gift cards and plenty of books. Take a walk on the wild side with us!

6:15pm - 7:45pm
Location:  Lobby Level
Room: Gillham Hall A


Join the authors of the Promise Harbor Wedding series who'll be there to play Dirty Minds and give away naughty prizes.

8:00pm - ?
"The Bar" (we hope there's only one)



Meet more than 400 authors who will autograph books, posters and bookmarks. Bring your “keepers” and have them signed!

The Saturday Giant Book Fair ticket is included in the full general convention registration fee.
This event is also open to the public and can be purchased as an individual ticket for just the Giant Book Fair. You can pre-order a book fair ticket here (Choose Day & Weekend Passes and Individual Tickets in the dropdown menu) or you can purchase a ticket at the door the day of the event. Pre-ordered tickets will be picked up at the hotel on the day of the Giant Book Fair.

You may bring in your books from home to get them autographed, however, they must be checked in and stamped (invisible ink so no damage to your books) before you enter the book fair. Also only two books from home per author are allowed.

Attendees signed up for the entire convention and who have a badge will be allowed to enter the Giant Book Fair 15 minutes earlier (at 10:45am) so they can beat the crowds of local fans waiting to get in to meet the authors.

11:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Mezzanine Level
Room:  Exhibit Hall A


Meet a revolving door of hundreds of authors as they make appearances every 30 minutes in this high-energy event. Be one of the first 500 to sign up and receive a goody bag filled with free books and promotional items. Choose “FAN-tastic Day Pass” when you register for a pass that includes the party, the goody bag (first 500 registrants), the workshops and the Giant Book Fair.

There will be 50+ door prizes, including e-readers, lap desks, books, gift certificates and more!

6:30pm - 7:45pm
Location:  Ballroom Level
Room:  Chicago, New York, San Francisco

Of course I'll be attending lots of OTHER social events but those are the places I know I'll be! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday song...

This is what I'm listening to over and over again today...   :-)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rule of Three wins an award! And a giveaway...

I announced here a while back that Rule of Three had been nominated at The Romance Reviews for  Best Erotic Romance, GLBT, Ménage or more, and hey, it won! Yay!

To celebrate, I'm going to give away a couple of signed PRINT copies. If you'd like to win, pop over to my Facebook page 
and check out the Welcome tab (you have to like my page to see it). I will be drawing the winners Saturday April 13.

Thanks to The Romance Reviews and all who voted!

Monday, April 1, 2013

How much can you forgive?

Having characters that readers can relate to is important in a romance novel. We call them "sympathetic" characters. We want readers to feel what the characters are feeling and get inside their heads and their hearts.

A reader commented about my most recent release, Jilted, that she didn't like all the betrayals in the story. Part of the history for these characters is that Josh and Devon, my hero and heroine, had a past relationship that ended when they could not agree on something important to their future together. It was one of those situations that has no easy answer, but also no right or wrong. For them, at that time, things didn't work out and they went their separate ways.

The "betrayal" came when Josh, now living back in Promise Harbor, slipped into a relationship with long time family friend Allie, who is also Devon's best friend. Yeah — that would hurt, all right. There are rules about that kind of thing, right? You don’t EVER, EVER date your BFF’s ex. 

So what’s a girl to do if she cares about this guy and being with him is making both their families happy after a lot of unhappiness? Allie calls Devon to be up front with her and tell her about the relationship. And when Devon says, hey that’s fine, Josh and I broke up and we’re over...what’s a girl to do?

And what’s a guy to do in that same situation? Josh felt like he had no choice but to leave Boston and go home to Promise Harbor, and he had some pretty compelling reasons to do that. Unfortunately, he didn’t share all of them with Devon, and unfortunately Devon didn’t share some things with Josh, leaving him feeling as if he was the one being rejected.

We don’t know what kind of conversations Josh and Allie might have had about the situation they found themselves in when they started seeing each other. Maybe it was Josh who told Allie to call Devon. Maybe Josh was a clueless man and didn’t even imagine that Devon would care, since she dumped his ass. Maybe Josh and Allie made a HUGE, hurtful mistake by getting together...but stuff like that happens in life.

When characters make big, stupid mistakes, the challenge is to get readers to understand why they made those mistakes and then for the characters to gain some insight and realize what they’ve done and learn from their mistakes. It’s called a character arc and ultimately makes for a satisfying story if it’d done well. Not every reader will experience that character growth the same. Some may find themselves unable to forgive the characters for what they did, others will be able to.

Are there things you can’t forgive romance characters for doing?