Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WIPs and Chains

Goodness, yesterday I blogged at Nine Naughty Novelists and forgot to blog here!

I did finish the WIP last week! The last few scenes were hard, and then I had this feeling there were a few little things that just weren't working that I went back and fixed. That took a bit more time, but once I'd done that, the ending flowed better and it was done!

Gabe really gave me a hard time on this one! This story was really different for me. For all the readers who said I probably couldn't top Power Struggle...I'm scared! Because I think this turned out pretty good, but what the heck do I know.

I spent a few more days after that, going through the manuscript a few times, fixing details, and now, as I always do, that manuscript is put away to "simmer" - to let the flavours develop, LOL. In a couple of weeks I will send it off to my critique partner - I'm anxious to know what she thinks!

Then I had to decide what to work on next. I have several projects in the works and sometimes bounce around depending on my mood, or inspiration, or - being honest - what I think is more likely to sell. So I decided to go back to my "chef" story. It's questionable whether there's a market for a chef story but I felt pulled back to this one and to the characters. And I'd already written 50,000 words so might as well finish it. So that's my new work in progress.
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