Friday, December 31, 2010

First review for Taming Tara!

5 Tea Cups from Happily Ever After Reviews!!

Clare C's Review said: 

Both are  complex characters and the author takes the time to develop their layers as they fall for one another...The sex scenes are very erotic and very romantic. Tara thinks she’s a Domme, but she’s not. As she learns to accept her limitations at work (she’s not perfect, just really good), she learns to accept and celebrate who she is in the bedroom.

The writing style is riveting and fast-paced, and yet it doesn’t skim over any of the details. This isn’t easy to do, yet Ms. Jamieson seems to do it effortlessly. This novel was one of the best I’ve read this year."

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! This past week I read Trust Me, by fellow Naughty Nine author Sydney Somers. It was such a great book! Syd writes awesome gargoyles stories too, but my first love is always a straight contemp or romantic suspense and this one delivered just what I like - kick butt heroine, alpha but tender hero who can take abuse from said kick butt heroine and love her anyway, a suspense plot that was simple enough to make sense (sometimes they're so complicated I'm not sure if it really makes sense) and oodles of sexual tension and hot sex. Some great secondary characters and I feel the makings of a hot series coming on!! (I also liked the Canadian setting - Tim's is in this book!)

Now I've started Something About You, by Julie James - a new to me author. So far, so good!

Monday, December 27, 2010

WIPs and Chains

Christmas has come and gone! I hope it was wonderful for those of you who celebrate it. Here we had a great time - lots of family time, laughing, eating, drinking and oh yeah, a few presents!

For the last week I haven't done a lot of actual "writing". I  mentioned in my "What I'm Reading Wednesday" blog a book I'm reading called 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. I can't rave enough about this book. I've been working my way through it with several of my WIPs and it has helped me solve so many problems. Today I just finished off some revisions to a troublesome manuscript I completed a while ago, which I love, but which has not been well received, shall we say. I think (hope!) I have made some changes that will make the story more satisfying. I'm ready to send it out into the world again. (Urgh).

I've been working with some characters from other WIPs too and now I've seen how I can incorporate what I'm learning from this book into my writing, I'm eager to start working on other manuscripts. I'm on holidays from the day job this week so I'm hopig to get lots done! (Picture me rubbing hands together over my keyboard). I love learning and I'm always looking for ways to make my writing better, whether it's workshops, books, or just analyzing books I read that I love to figure out why. I think in 2010 I learned a lot and I'm really looking forward to incorporating what I've learned into my writing and growing as a writer.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Sneak Peek - Woo hoo!!

My book RIGGER has been nominated for a CAPA!!

"What are the CAPA's? They are awards given by The Romance Studio for excellence in romantic and erotic fiction. Categories include inspirational, contemporary, fantasy, historical, mainstream, paranormal, romantic suspense, erotic contemporary, erotic fantasy, erotic historical, erotic paranormal, erotic anthology, BDSM, and the Ariana Overton Award for Best Cover Art or the Ari."

RIGGER was nominated in the BDSM category along with books by some truly incredible authors like, OMG, Joey Hill and Desiree Holt.

"Ms. Jamieson has created an absolutely amazing story that quickly captures the reader's attention with its fascinating, complex and delicious exploration into a relationship built around an alternative lifestyle of pleasure and pain."

So to celebrate that, here's a little excerpt from RIGGER:

He set her on the bed and she looked around. Music by The Strike Boys pulsed and shimmered through the dark room and the faint smoky odor of extinguished candles and melted wax still drifted in the air. Rows of candles were lined up everywhere—on his dresser, the bookshelf, along the deep windowsill. He moved around the room, lighting the candles, which had obviously been burning earlier. When she’d stomped out. Her heart squeezed and she put her hands to her mouth.

“You planned this,” she said, her voice breathy and trembling. The room began to glow.

“Yeah. I was going to tell you tonight that I love you. And apologize. Grovel.” His lips lifted into a smile as he finished lighting the candles and hers did too—as if he’d ever grovel!

Her gaze fell on the ropes lying on the bed beside her and her stomach leaped. She reached out and fingered the ropes, looked up at him as he dragged his T-shirt over his head, then stepped out of the baggy cargo shorts. Naked, he stood before her, so beautiful, so powerful and masculine and strong.

She handed him the rope and his eyes darkened as he took it from her. She extended her hands in front of her. He had her wrists bound with twists of his hands, a few quick loops around them, one between, and a knot, rough and not pretty.

“I want to make you feel good, Shaela. I want it to be good for you.” She gave a jerky little nod. “I want to take you as far as you can go—and then a little further. Higher.” He lifted her wrists and pressed an open-mouthed kiss there, just above the ropes, let his tongue linger. “I want to make it up to you. Tonight.”

Her body quivered, warming and softening. “Okay.”

“We’ll take it slow.” He leaned forward and brushed a kiss over the corner of her mouth. “So slow and easy.” His breath mingled with hers as they sat there. “I want you to trust me.”

“I do trust you.”

His mouth brushed over hers again and heat flared over every nerve ending in her body.

“Take me there,” she whispered against his mouth. “Take me to that place—and do anything you want to me.”

Heat stabbed right to her core as she said the words. She was afraid of it, but she craved it, with a wild, elemental need. Relief that he still wanted her, still cared about her, mingled with the need.

Alek groaned and she loved that she could do that to him. The joy of yielding to him mingled with power—the power to thrill him with her submission. It was a never-ending loop of gratification, of giving and receiving, pleasing and getting pleasure, and her heart swelled inside her chest until she thought it might burst.

“Slow,” he whispered again, feathering kisses across her cheek, nudging her hair aside, his breath a warm tickle, his mouth a sweet torture. Her eyes fell closed. His body pushed her back into the softness of the bed, lifting her bound wrists above her head, and he kissed her again, soft and sweet, endless, long and slow and deep.

His tongue slid into her mouth and he licked inside, then softly bit her lips. The weight of his body was a delicious pressure and she arched a little to press her breasts harder against him.

She tasted him too, with a drag of her tongue across his bottom lip and he sucked her tongue into his mouth. Heat radiated off him and she felt the fine trembling of his body as the kisses went deeper, hotter, sweeter.

She longed to touch him, feel him, but the ropes were firm as she tested them. Stretched out on her back, her fingers curled into her palms above her head. He lifted his head to study her, the thin ropes still encircling her body, and she felt his eyes move over her like a caress...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I'm Reading Wednesday

I finished Fools Rush in by Kristan Higgins and I do believe I have now read all her books. I enjoyed this one, as I have all of them but I wished for a little more of the romance between Millie and Sam.

Then I read (very quickly) Ice, by Linda Howard. This is my first Linda Howard book and probably wasn't a good intro to her. It was quite short (I borrowed it from the library so didn't pay for a hardcover book that's probably not much longer than category novel length). Her writing was good and the suspense was good, the romance was way too fast (I know it's a romance and people can fall in love in one day, but still...) and I didn't get the point of the story...the attack was random and how did everyone learn and grow through that? I will probably read another of her books though.

I'm also reading a couple of non-fiction books this week - Story Structure Architect by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, and 45 Master Characters, also by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. 45 Master Characters is freakin' awesome!! I borrowed this one from the library too, and I haven't even finished it yet, but I love it so much I just ordered it from Chapters. It has totally solved a problem I had with one of my completed manuscripts (guess what I'll be doing over the holidays!).

Monday, December 20, 2010

WIPs and Chains

Yes this is late!  My blog disappeared due to some technical glitch involving domaine stuff that I don't understand. Big thanks to web goddess Tina Pavlik for fixing!!
Sadly not much has changed since last week in terms of works in progress!  I did do a little bit more on "Gabe's story" (If you've read Power Struggle you'll know Gabe). But then I heard back from my critique partner about Crush, the manuscript my agent suggested some changes to, and I went back to work on it. And work. And more work. LOL.  And last night I sent it back to Nara for her opinion on the changes. Sometimes when you get so close to something you have no idea if it's good or bad.

I envy those authors I see posting on Twitter about how impressed they are with the scene they just wrote, and how good they think their WIP is. I'm not like that. I both love and hate every story I write - I wouldn't write it if I didn't love it; but whether it's good or whether someone else will like it - I suffer a huge lack of confidence.

Which makes me those authors who talk about how much they like their own work REALLY feel that way? Or is that just a facade, a public expression of confidence and competence that will impress people and make them read their books?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

All I Want For Christmas....

Well it's almost Christmas and it's time to pull out the only Christmas story I've ever written:  All I Want For Christmas

Fallen Angel Reviews gave All I Want For Christmas 4 Angels:

"I loved this little read, and Ms. Jamieson's cast of characters added to this lovely little tale of love. All I Want For Christmas reminds us that Christmas really does have miracles."
Reviewed by: Rachel C.

Here's a little excerpt:

Erin was just popping more painkillers into her mouth when she looked up into the amused eyes of Dex Mitchell. Again. “So, anyone here that can help me out now?” he asked, eyes glinting.

She almost choked on the pills and took a big gulp of water, which of course dribbled down her chin and onto her silk blouse. She wiped ineffectually at it as she felt her cheeks grow hot and no doubt red. “Jason is back from lunch,” she told Dex, swiping at her boobs. “He does the payroll. He’s just around the corner.” She flashed a smile that she hoped looked helpful and confident, praying that Jason wasn’t sitting there with his feet on his desk eating chocolates and wearing the plush Santa hat he’d had on earlier.

She heard Dex go around the corner and start conversing with Jason in a low voice, and she slumped back in her chair. Why, why, why did he always have to catch her at her worst?

She was scrawling her signature across some vendor invoices a few moments later when Dex returned.

She looked up at him inquiringly.

“I hear you’re in charge of the party tomorrow night,” he remarked.

“Yes.” She was almost reluctant to admit it. What if the whole party bombed? It would be all her fault. No, it was not going to bomb. She’d checked and rechecked every detail with her usual thoroughness (or was it paranoia?). “Did you have a last‐minute addition to the guest list?”

He shook his head, a smile touching his mouth. “No. I’ll be there, but I’m coming alone. I just wondered if you’d arranged for taxi service to take people home.”

“Of course!” The company provided taxi vouchers for anyone who wanted them to make sure that nobody drove home after drinking.

“Perfect. Don’t want any unfortunate incidents at the holiday party.”

Erin shook her head. “No, of course not.”

At that moment, Erin’s phone rang. She grabbed for the receiver.

“Good afternoon, Human Resources, Erin speaking, can I have you?”

There was silence at the other end of the line, and Erin closed her eyes rather than face Dex. “I mean, can I help you?” she gasped.

A laugh came over the line. “You can have me any time, honey. My wife might not like it, though. It’s Carl in Research.”

“Hi, Carl.” Her cheeks burned.

“Just a quick question about the party…”

She dealt with his question then hung up and looked at Dex, still standing there, looking very amused.

“So, I guess I’ll see you at the party then,” he said.

She stared at him. Why was he making small talk with her? She smiled brightly. “Absolutely. I’ll be there. I’m going alone, too.”

Shit. Why had she said that? It sounded so lame. She turned back to her work again with flaming cheeks and bent her head.

“Hey!” Kayla whispered seconds later. “What did Dex Mitchell want? I saw him talking to you!”

Kayla was the only other person who knew Erin thought Dex Mitchell was a hottie. She looked up at her friend and grinned.

“He came to talk to Jason about some payroll stuff, and then he was asking me about the party.”


“He told me he’s going alone to the party.”

“He told you that? Just out of the blue?” Kayla’s brows rose almost into her hair. “Hmm.”

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guest Blogger SKYLAR KADE

 Thursday 13 from Skylar Kade
The past few years, Christmas has taken a hit in my family. There's not as much disposable income as before. While many rue this event, I've found it strangely freeing. I don't need to worry about buying an expensive present for that cousin, or my grandmother, because we're all reigning in our holiday spending. This, combined with my drive to always do something creative that's not always writing-related, has led to a slew of home-made presents. Between scouring Michael's and searching the web, I've compiled a pretty good set of resources for the DIY (do-it-yourself) gifter.
1. Whip it up: A community of crafters who contribute their less-traditional creations, with a focus on fiber and fabric (crochet, knit, quilt, embroider, sew, etc) arts. They also review craft books.
2. The Anticraft: Imagine that Martha Stewart and Marilyn Mason had a baby, and that baby did crafts. He or she would be the epitome of the Anticraft. Projects include recipes, craft instructions, and other activities almost guaranteed to get coal in your stocking.
3. Crochet Me: A great resource for the modern crocheter; signing up for a free membership allows you access to the good patterns.
4. Ravelry: This is the youtube of fiber arts patterns. Users post their own patterns, or link to free/paid patterns online. In addition, the site has strong social-networking capabilities.
5. Curbly: An all-around fantastic DIY site, including projects on interior decorating/design. Their “Thrift Store Repurposing Guide” is worth a look.
6. The DIY Maven: A crafty chick, contributor to Curbly, and all-around inspired DIY-er.
7. Geek Crafts: Know a nerd? Make him or her something from this site! I've got my eye on the Star Wars amigurumi (little crocheted dolls).
8. Craftzine: Provides patterns and instructions for fiber arts, cooking, home decorating, and beyond.
9. Futuregirl: Much like DIY Maven, with more traditional fiber arts projects.
10. Instructables: This is the love-child of Geek Crafts and Craftzine. Many of the projects are more in-depth, and paying for the membership allows you to see the steps in a printable PDF, but still an amazing resource for the DIYer.
11. NeedleNoodles: Author of the book “Creepy Cute Crochet,” this blogger posts patterns for creating monstrous amigurimi, like robots, vikings, and druids.
12. The Roxycraft Blog: Lessons, video tutorials, and patterns for crochet projects.
13. Style Crush: “Fashion, home & DIY for the style-obsessed”

Though Jason doesn't make any of the presents he gives to Elizabeth in my story “Christmas Packages,” they do make a lotta luv ;)

Blurb: Elizabeth has watched with frustration as her relationship with Jason slowly faded away. Braced for their inevitable end, this “nice girl” is instead surprised—and aroused—by her boyfriend’s naughty Christmas plans. Jason has tiptoed around what really turns him on, afraid Lizzie would run screaming from his kinkier desires. But as their relationship flags, he latches onto a last-ditch effort to inject energy into their sex life—and their love.

For twelve days leading up to Christmas, Jason gives Lizzie a new present, each one enticing her further into his dark desires. Now Lizzie needs to loosen up a little—to give up enough control to submit to her edgiest urges and give herself completely to the man determined to be hers forever.

To celebrate this release and the holiday season, I'm giving away a copy of "Christmas Packages," along with an early present--Sexuations (US only). Yes, I know it's not homemade, but it is a lot of fun. This game includes an adults-only card game, a book of naughty stories, an erogenous-zone map, paddle, blindfold, and feather to tickle all your fancies. I'll be touring blogs all week, and on Friday, I'll the select a winner!

To enter, leave a comment at any of the blogs on my tour or tweet about the book/contest using the hashtag #christmaspackages

Blog stops:
Monday—The Nine Naughty Novelists

Tuesday--Andie Marie's Sidewalk

Wednesday--Kate Davies Blogs!

Thursday--Kelly Jamieson's Building Castles

Friday—the Skylarverse

“Open it.” He held his breath as she unwrapped the small package, folding the paper into a precise rectangle. Lizzie, his little neat freak. The deliberate movements of her hands and her prim way of opening everything from the newspaper to cereal boxes to presents fascinated him and gave him one more thing to love about her. Hell, sometimes it even turned him on.
She cocked her head to the side in what he thought of as her curious little bird pose and popped open the lid of the box to reveal a blue silk eye mask. She turned to him with one eyebrow cocked. “I’m sleeping just fine, Jason.”
Though he tried not to read into her words, he cringed inside. He didn’t want her to sleep poorly without him, per se, but would it be too much to ask for her not to be sleeping fine?
She’d always been able to read him, almost as well as he could read her, and she cupped his cheek. “I’ve missed you, Jason. The bed is empty without you.”
He kissed her before saying. “Yeah, hotel beds leave much to be desired. Mainly, you.” Her pupils dilated and he kissed her again, lingering on her lips. “Besides, the blindfold isn’t for sleeping.” Holding her gaze, he watched the understanding fly across her face, only to be replaced with warm delight.
“Oh, it’s that kind of blindfold. How very inventive.” Her grin gave him hope that maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t run from his desires.
He stroked her back, enjoying the softness of her gray sweater. But it would have to come off. “Why don’t you go change into your robe and point me in the direction of the candles and oil.”
She shuddered under his hand and her breathing hitched. Their eyes locked as she answered. “Okay. And everything’s in our bedroom.”
Our bedroom—he loved hearing that. And it was past time he showed her just how much. “Then change in the bathroom, love, and I’ll have everything set up when you’re done.”

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Okay I'm prepared to spill the name of the book I read last week. It all turned out pretty good. It was What a Rogue Desires by Caroline Linden. The frist scene, told from David's point of view, ends when he leaves the room, but the POV immediately switches to his brother's wife's POV, a character who never appears in the book again. My initial impression was headhopping all over the place, but looking again at that opening scene it was just that one change of POV. Call me picky. Anyway the story was good, and kept me wondering how the two of them were going to end up together. So in the end I enjoyed it.

Now I'm reading another Kristan Higgins book, Fools Rush In.

Monday, December 13, 2010

WIPs and Chains

As I said last week, I had some revisions to do on a manuscript I'd sent to my agent, the fabulous Laura Bradford. She had some suggestions that she thought would make it better. The first thing I did was send it off to my critiqe partner to get her input. Then I started thinking about it myself. Some of the changes I knew I could do fairly easily - others I needed to think about. So that's what I've been working on this week. I deleted one secondary plot and enhanced another. Ideas kept coming to me and I kept adding them in, and in the end the manuscript is pretty much exactly the same length as it was when I started. I was relieved about that!  As for the other problems, I gave them some thought too as I was revising, and came up with a few ideas. I'll see what my crit partner thinks once she's read the manuscript. She did look at it before, but only the first few chapters.

Having someone like Nara to bounce ideas off, to get a second opinion and to get honest feedback is so important. When we started exchanging work three years ago, we were doing line edits and correcting grammar and finding overused words. Now we both are published and that's not the kind of help we need any more - it's deeper things like characterization and conflict and motivation. So many times she's given me good advice about my stories. It's hard when you get so close to your story and your characters that you can't see them clearly any more, and having someone with a bit of distance offer their persepective is invaluable.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sneak peek Friday

This week I finished a manuscript and put it away to rest. It was HARD to put this one away! I got very close to these characters and I...miss them. Sniff. I hope that means it's good, but what the heck do I know *rolling eyes at self*

Anyway here's a tiny peek at the finished manuscript:

“Dude,” Dylan said. “Your girlfriend is smokin’ hot.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Matt automatically replied. “We’re just friends.”

Dylan lifted an eyebrow. “Just friends? That’s why she was asleep in your bedroom? Just sleeping?”

“Okay, yeah, friends with benefits. But still, just friends.”

“Oh ho.” Dylan grinned. “Mondo, dude.” He held up his empty bottle. “Beer me.”

Matt laughed and headed to the kitchen. When he returned with two more bottles of ale, Dylan said, “So you two sleep together but you’re just friends.”

“Yeah.” Matt popped the top of his bottle.

“How’d you luck into an arrangement like that, man?”

Matt shrugged and frowned a little. “Well. It just kinda happened. We were friends for a long time. We worked together at Pancho’s, and we had some classes together at UCSA. It was never more than that, because I was living with Lysett, and Corey was going out with some asshole who treated her like crap.” He made a face. “Corey finally got smart enough to dump his ass, and then Lysett dumped me, and Corey and I started hanging out more.”

“Just friends.”

“Yeah.” Matt huffed out a laugh. “You know that’s what girls always want from me. I’m not a chick magnet like you, stud.”

“Bullshit. That’s not all girls want from you.”

Matt shrugged. “Whatever.” He’d heard it enough times in his life. Women regarded him as a nice guy, friend material but not red hot lover material. “You’re too nice.” “Let’s just be friends.” Yeah, he’d heard it a few times. He and Lysett had been together for years but in the end, she’d dumped him for a guy with two ex-wives and three kids, who’d decided to quit his job to play in a rock band, buy a Harley Davidson, and who she said “rocked her world”. Matt wasn’t a world-rocking kind of guy, and after that he’d decided maybe friendship was the best he was going to get with women.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I'm Reading Wednesday

I started a new book this week but I'm not sure if I'm going to name it here because it got off to a very rocky start for me. This is the second time I've purchased a book by a "new to me" author based on a great review at one of the "big" review sites and been disappointed. Not sure why that is. I guess readers and reviewers (and I guess some editors, since they publish the books) are less concerned about the technical aspects of writing than a writer might be. Which is food for thought and what it means to my own writing, given a number of disappointments lately.

Monday, December 6, 2010

WIPs and Chains

I finished!

Yes, I finished my WIP last week! "With Strings Attached" ended up to be 75,000 words, exceeding my goal by about 5000 words. Then I started going back over it to fix things and polish and edit, and I ended up adding another 7000 words, so it is now 82,000 words. Wow! Now I'm going through it one more time, and then I will put it away to rest for a little while before I send it off to critique partner Nara Malone for her to read. I enjoy revising, it feels almost relaxed compared to the tension of creating something new. And I feel a great sense of accomplishment, along with an impatient feeling of wanting to share this story!

Since that manuscript is now finished and almost all polished, I've been thinking about what to work on next. As usual, I have so many possibilities. I have four stories started and in various stages. I also have several other stories that I've planned out (as much as I plan, not being a big plotter) that I could start on. As usual, I've been in a stage of "wait and see", with submissions out in the world I'm waiting to hear back on, and that could change what I work on next.

And then I did hear from my agent this weekend about the manuscript I'd sent her. She liked it! But...there's always a but!...she had some suggestions for things she thought could be better. So now I know what I'm working on next...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Sneak Peek

Edited to add: Blogger failed me again! This was supposed to post Friday morning!
Last Friday was release day for Taming Tara so I thought I'd share another small excerpt from that book:

Christ, she was smart. That itself was a huge turn-on, never mind the sexy sparkle in her eyes. Heat curled inside him. “So which is it?”

“What do you mean?” She frowned as she looked back at him. His eyes moved over her smooth, golden skin, her cheeks lightly tinged peach, her eyes framed with thick lashes. Her full mouth gleamed, like yesterday, with a pale shiny peach gloss.

“I mean, which do you want to focus on? The niche market, producing small quantities of high quality olive oil; or expanding your production using new planting methods like high density planting and producing larger quantities of oil.”

Her frown deepened. “I…I want to do both.”

He met her gaze. “You think you can do both? Really?”

She blinked at him. He could practically see the wheels turning in her head. “Increasing production doesn’t necessarily mean giving up those high quality oils, those niche markets.”

He kept looking at her.

“Does it?” Her mouth turned down and her eyes narrowed.

“Well, you just said you have high production costs here, compared to Spain and Italy. That limits how much you can produce. Why not focus on the specialty markets then? Do what you can do well.”

She shook her head. “No. I don’t believe we have to limit ourselves to that. I think with new planting methods and mechanical harvesting, we can do both.”

“Show me.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

“Show me. Show me how you can do both.”

“Well, I…I…just know it.”

He almost laughed. “Not good enough, Tara,” he said softly. “If you want me with you when you try to convince Tyrone that high density planting is worth the investment, and let’s face it, it’s going to cost up front, you’ve got to convince me first. I need facts and figures and cost-benefits analysis. You’ve got to prove to me you can do both.”

She stared at him and the hint of deference in her amber eyes and soft mouth sent lust slicing through him, making him hard. Oh, man. This was bad.

Then her gaze hardened. “No.” Her brows drew together and she shook her head. “No! This is insane. I don’t have to prove anything to you. Who the hell do you think you are?”

He still just looked at her, using the power of his gaze. It always worked.

She jumped to her feet and stood there. He leaned back in his chair, linking his hands behind his head.

“I’m going to talk to Grandpa right now,” she muttered and stalked out of the office. He watched her go, her cheeks flushed a deeper hue of peach, her back stiff, long slender legs striding across the room.

Adrenaline sizzled through his veins. Holy fucking shit. She wasn’t going to give in without a major battle. He smiled. Anticipation tingled over every nerve ending. She had to be the most difficult woman to master he’d ever met. She was smart and strong and, Jesus Christ, she had him dangerously on the edge of losing control.

He could physically dominate her. He was bigger, stronger—he could restrain her and he could show her that. Too bad that wasn’t appropriate behavior for the office. No, here he had to rely on his wits—intellect, experience, instinct. He had to know her triggers…and he was definitely getting to.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Not a lot to report this week since I'm still reading the same book - Cowgirls Don't Cry by Lorelei James.
This is very unusual for me to take a whole week to read a book! I usually do several in a week. It's not that's it's not a good book either, I'm enjoying it. But I have been writing a lot (I finished my WIP! Yay!) so maybe that's why. And I've got so many good books lined up to read next!